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Côte d’Ivoire has become the world’s biggest exporter of cashew nuts. But the country and its producers are losing much of the value added by exporting raw nuts. Therefore, to create more value for producers and the rural population, COCOPRAGEL makes the processing of cashews one of its main activities.
With a processing capacity of 1500 MT per year, COCOPRAGEL provides its members with fair income from their activities and better living conditions.



Cashew Liquor


Cashew juice


Cashew nuts


COCOPRAGEL has the following physical assets

  • -A warehouse with a capacity of 400 tons
  • – Fifteen warehouses (1 in each of the 15 sections)
  • – Eighteen-flops, a pick up van, ten pallets
  • – A cashew husking unit capable of shelling 500MT / Year
  • – Ten hand-operated shellers
  • – Four semi-automatic shellers
  • – Two drying ovens
  • – Two autoclaves
  • – A distiller for the production of cashew alcohol
  • – A press for the production of cashew juice